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The Shimmering Road

The Shimmering Road - Hester Young

I didn’t read the first novel but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this sequel at all. I think what I enjoyed the most about this novel was how Charlie’s powers do not dominate the novel. Charlie has dreams which are paranormal. She needs to make sense of her dreams and how they affect her world. Currently pregnant, Charlie is having a dream about a child. Charlie believes this has to do with her own child but as this story is told, there are many other children in this story that could be the individual in Charlie’s dream.

Charlie’s boyfriend would like to find a home before their baby is born but Charlie is having a hard time planting her roots in a town where Noah lived before. Charlie then discovers that she has a niece who lives in another state that needs her and that has Noah and Charlie hitting the road and finding a relative that Charlie didn’t know she had. What did her niece see the night that her mom and grandmother died? Was it really drugs? Charlie untangles the knots to get the heart of the matter as her niece is young and she is not saying much. It was messy, sometimes it was better if individuals didn’t know the truth and yet in the end, I didn’t think this individual had it in them but…. they did. I would like to now go back and read the first novel and see what I missed and I hope that there are other novels that follow.

Thank you Read It Forward and G.P. Putnam’s Sons for sending me this novel in the Silent Book Club Sweepstakes. This review is my own opinion.