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Setting Free the Kites

Setting Free the Kites - Alex George

This is one of those novels that I felt that I drifted through. This was an excellent story and although I don’t think I was deeply connected to the characters, I was. I didn’t think I knew them, I didn’t think I knew what made them tick yet as their lives became larger and richer, I cared deeply for them and was rooting for them. This novel moved quickly, I didn’t put it down, I couldn’t put it down for I had to know what the final chapters had in store. And then, the author wrote in a few sentences that threw me for a loop, why he did that I will never know but he could have left them out and I would have loved the novel much more. For these sentences stopped me, they made me analyze this novel in a whole different light. What purpose did these sentences bring and why here and now did he include them? Are these characters different now? Why, oh why did he do this?


Robert is ready for 8th grade, he’s ready for the bullying to begin, just like last year. Hollis is ready for Robert as he leads him into the bathroom, flushing his head into the toilet as Robert fights back. Nathan, a new student walks in and sticks up for Robert. It is now Robert, Hollis and Nathan in the principal’s office as the story is replayed. I have to say that this part of the story has a happy ending but as the novel continues there are ups and downs as Robert and Nathan’s friendship strengthens. Both of these families have heartache and love within them and the boys experience each other’s pain and happiness like brothers, they begin to bond. Each day, their friendship become stronger and in the end, I don’t want the novel to end. When I fly a kite in the future, I will be thinking of Robert and Nathan, their fathers were such an influence on both of them. I highly recommend this novel and I want to thank Read It Forward and G. P Putnam's Sons for putting this novel on my radar and sending me this copy, it was fantastic.

I received a copy of this novel from Read It Forward and G.P. Putnam's Sons and the Silent Book Club Sweepstakes in exchange for an honest review.