The Idea Of You

The Idea of You - Amanda Prowse

This was an emotional and empowering novel.  Lucy has climbed the corporate ladder yet she feels she is missing something every important in her life.   While others envy her, Lucy yearns for the lives of her peers, she longs to be sleep deprived because her child kept her up all night or to come to work late because her child was having a bad morning.   As she sneaks again into the bathroom with a pregnancy test, I hoped that the results this time would bring the couple the baby they so desperately wanted.


When Camille arrives for the summer, Lucy has mixed emotions how she will fit into the mix.  Jonah hasn’t seen his daughter for quite some time and now that she’s a teen, she’s become a different person.  The apartment explodes as the three of them try to find their footing.  Lucy wants to be a friend to Camille yet she is her stepmother and what exactly does that mean and then we have Camille behavior, which she can change in an instant.  I liked listening to them and reading about them, these two women seemed to be fighting for space but what was really going on between them?    The father, Camille adores him and he enjoys the attention that he gets from her.   He doesn’t feel he is picking sides when things get heated between the three of them but the others in the household feel differently.  The couple desperately wanted to have a child yet this goal seems to fall into the hands of Lucy when Camille arrives.  I could feel how lonely and isolated she felt as she battled this alone while her husband was on stage being a hero for Camille.   Camille finds a summer job where she meets Dex.  He seems like a nice guy who has his life planned out, a guy who will go far and Camille falls hard for him.  Dex is a game changer for this household, as he stretches this family to great lengths and the truth finally is revealed.   What a terrific ending, I didn’t see that coming and loved how it all played out.  There were such a variety of emotions for all the characters in this novel, I loved how they shifted around.  I enjoyed this novel as it dealt with family, relationships, secrets, and first love.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest opinion.