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The Secret of a Heart Note

The Secret of a Heart Note - Stacey Covington-Lee

Mim lives a sheltered life with her mom at home. She longs to be a kid and experience school but being a aromateur like her mother, takes up most of her day. Being the only two aromateurs, Mim and her mother are quite busy making elixirs for individuals looking for a love potion. When her mother finally allows Mim to attend school, she finds herself overwhelmed with too much responsibility and not enough time. Mim plows ahead as she finally has got what she has always wanted but now Mim has created a problem, a huge problem for a aromateur and one that Mim doesn’t want to tell her mother about.

I liked that Mim tried to handle her own problems and boy, did this girl have the problems. It seems that every time she turned around, something else would crop up and she was trying to fix it. Others tried to help her but Mim still had a part in it, for it was her problem to begin with. I liked the magical aspects of this novel, how the different plants and flowers mixed together would do or fix something. It seemed natural, in its own way. I really enjoyed Mim’s aunt. This lady was a fun and uplifting character, that came when Mim needed her, although they did not have much of a past together. She wasn’t there to intrude or to be domineering, she was there for Mim, to help her. In the end, what Mim’s aunt did for her was huge. I found this novel entertaining and fun to read.