The Wizard of Oz #4

All-Action Classics No. 4: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Ben Caldwell, L. Frank Baum

What a unique adaption of the Wizard of Oz and I have to say, that this graphic novel moves quickly. I thought that the frames were easy to follow and I liked the bright and bold colors that were used in the illustrations. I was disappointed that some of the classic features of the novel were left out but the author added some his own adaptions that I think younger children will enjoy. I found a few illustrations hard to decipher, the chaos inside them overlapping and the features hard to distinguish from one another, I decided that bedlam was taking place and I moved on to the next frame. Some of the characters had some interesting characteristics to make them stand out while other characters I wasn’t too fond of. This mix of characters created a fun and entertaining read.


The graphic novel opened up just like the classic novel that we all love with Dorothy and her beloved dog touching down in the Land of Oz. Finding out that she has just killed the Wicked Witch of the East, the munchkins inform her just how wicked the witch was including how the witch had cut the library funding. Dorothy doesn’t immediately find herself in the ruby slippers in this adaption, the munchkins tell Dorothy that she can remove the magical slippers from the witch and she then become the new Witch from the East. Dorothy is not sure if she wants to be a witch but the shoes are rather tempting and after explaining to them that she wants to go back home to Kansas, she puts on the sparkling shoes. The munchkins explain to Dorothy her best option to get back to Kansas and send her and her dog on her way with the golden bricks under her feet, the picnic basket swinging from her arm and her dog running beside her. With new adaptions to this classic, I found that this novel would be entertaining to younger children.