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You're Welcome, Unviverse

You're Welcome, Universe - Whitney Gardner

Julia communicates to the world through her tags, they’re aren’t just split second decisions, she draws them out and sometimes makes templates for them. I loved the way that she orchestrates them, the time and effort that she put into them, they were definitely a part of her. Julia begins to lose that part of her when someone begins to deface them. Transferring to a new school, her daily commute becomes longer and Julia notices that the scenery before her is unmarked. No other artist has left a piece of them along the way and Julia decides that even though she has promised no more spray cans, the blank canvases that surround her are too much of a temptation. She is an artist and no one can take that away from her. The defacing of her artwork is immediate, shock and the anger consumes Julia.

Cast into a public school, Julia is having a hard. Julia attends school with an interpreter for she is deaf and not many at this public school know sign language. It’s a hard adjustment for Julia, for the staff and many of the students who attend there. There are so many eyes on Julia right now, watching her every move. I could feel her frustration, I could feel her desire but what actually could she do? I think what she needed, was someone to talk to her, someone to speak her language, someone to sign with her.

I enjoyed the diversity in this novel, the author did an excellent job portraying these characters. The relationships among these characters was realistic and I had to laugh a few times at the way these characters were behaving and conversing, I swear these were actual individuals. Their attitude and mindset, was remarkably accurate. I found myself starting to read this novel out loud, getting attitude as I read. As Julia becomes friends with YP, I felt that she had a chance of fitting in at her new school and as the two of them became closer, I liked how their relationship had tension. Julia’s relationship with Jordyn had tension too but at the end of the novel, Julia’s relationship with YP and Jordyn are different. I really enjoyed this novel, it was a great novel dealing with diversity, friendship, authority and independence.