Frail Human Heart

Frail Human Heart - Zoë Marriott

I was vested in this novel and I hadn’t even read the first two books in the series! The author pushed me headfirst into this story as she briefly summarized the first two novels in this series before taking off on Frail Human Heart. There were also bits and pieces throughout the novel where the author reflected back to the first two novels in this series so I felt connected and comfortable as I read. I felt the urgency and the intensity that this novel was intended to project in this novel. Destruction was upon them and something had to be done, the two Gods were in for a battle and the mortals were in their line of fire. It’s realistic and part magical, as this story is woven with swords that have magical powers, they’re cast into a realm of dreams and they’re lead by a noble young girl, as they try to save their friends and themselves from devastation.


I was nervous about starting this series on book three. I liked how the author got me up-to-speed in the first couple pages, I knew I wouldn’t know everything but knowing the major points was a huge plus for me. There were a lot of strange and bizarre words in this novel, words I guess only individuals in this realm would know so I quickly started to write them down so I would know them when I came upon them again in my reading. This book moved along quickly, I mean quickly! I liked the Hikaru in this novel, they were foxes and they had an important relationship with the humans in this novel. The swords or blades as they came to be known also had an interesting history. I would like to go back and read the first two books in this series this summer and actually get the full account of what happened, I think I would really enjoy it. I received a free copy of this novel, so I read it before reading the previous two novels. The cover on this novel is beautiful, the jellyfish and the contrasting colors, very cool. Yes, the jellyfish do have something to do with the novel.
I received a free copy of this novel from Candlewick Press. This review is my own opinion of this novel. Thank you Candlewick for sending me this novel, it was greatly appreciated.