A Tragic Wreck

A Tragic Wreck - T.K. Leigh

She doesn’t want him, he doesn’t want her, she doesn’t want him, he doesn’t want her, yet they keep reaching out to each other and they can’t stop thinking of each other. If they both weren’t so good together I would have shut this book a long time ago! But see, they are so good together, I mean they are hot together, scorching hot. They cannot keep their hands off one another and the pages almost go up in flames when things get heated between the two of them.

There’s a past to this couple and we learned about this is book one. Through this novel, this secret is slowly coming to her in her dreams and Alexander is not letting her in on the secret. The secret is starting to come to the surface and I am beginning to wonder how Olivia is going to handle the truth when it is revealed. Alexander thinks he has her under control, but does he? Libby has left Alexander in book one and is now living secretly in a Florida beach home. She met a new man who is nothing like Alexander but maybe that is what she needs. When Libby goes to use her credit card, Alexander finds out where Libby is. In the meantime, Alexander is trying to put Libby out of his mind and Chelsea is stepping right in to fill that void. They are each trying to find someone else to fill the shoes of each other but their hearts are still filled with each other. Alexander goes to Florida, he needs to see Libby and what happens was a slap in the face but hey, it is just the beginning as they try to figure out what is their beautiful mess.


The relationship is off and on during this novel and it drove me crazy after a while, I mean come on, you either want one another or you don’t. Libby and Alexander think about each other all the time and their thoughts consume them, so why do they think they don’t want each other? Call it lust maybe. A warning too, the sensual scenes are very sensual so be careful if you are reading them out in the public. Don’t want your smile to get too big on your face. I cannot believe too that there is another cliffhanger in this one, darn it. I won a copy of this book from Back Off My Books.
For adult readers only as there is strong language, exploit scenes and mild violence.