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2nd Chance

2nd Chance - Andrew Gross, James Patterson

After solving the last case in book one, Lindsay made homicide detective. She is now the first female homicide detective in San Francisco and the department’s first female lieutenant. She is extremely proud of herself and knows what this means for herself and her future. The women that she pulled together in her investigative club are proud of her accomplishment and this Women’s Murder Club is still together as they are on another case in the second book of this series. I liked this second novel more than the first as I thought it was more twisted and had more depth than the first one. The characters were more sinister and dark and I liked that. The Women’s Murder Club had to dig deeper and imply and untangle more of the clues more than have the facts jump right out at them.


The drama is continuous in this novel as the story opens up with a shooting at a church that is located in a predominately black section of town. It is initially thought of as a random shooting but as they close in on the details, things don’t look random at all. There is another death and Lindsay is back trying to connect the cases together. Things are looking hopeful and Lindsay calls the Women’s Murder Club into the action. The ladies are quick to fill in the details and the case is narrowing in on the suspect. Oh, they had the suspect locked in tight and all was certain but it’s never final until all your I’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed and that is what is bothering Lindsay in this case, somethings are just not matching up. There is drama within the Women’s Murder Club now too as one of them prepares for motherhood and one of them decides to start dating. They all have advice for one another and they all are there for one another, which is a great thing about having women for friends. It’s a code of silence, this ability to keep quiet as a killer stalks the neighborhood, as the police are conducting their own investigation, their own private club that no one else knows about. I am enjoying this series.