1st To Die

1st to Die - James Patterson

Couples are being murdered on their wedding night, rich successful individuals. The first couple, the bride was more than just murdered and the killer left some incriminating evidence behind. He doesn’t waste too much time, the killer has now moved onto couple number two and Lindsay, a homicide inspector is trying to link the two murders. Lindsay is using all her possible resources and she is not finding any clues to link them together. Lindsay decides to call her a few female friends, who are knowledgeable, for advice. Calling together Claire, a medical examiner and Cindy a reporter that she has just recently met, these three women form their own investigation club. It is quite the team too. With a variety of skills these ladies are piecing all the leads together, they are making headway when another newlywed couple is found dead. Lindsay calls upon an assistant D.A to join the club and now Jill join these three other women to help stop these murders before any more victim are found.


I liked the pace of this novel, there were different viewpoints to follow as this novel progressed at a rapid pace. Lindsay and her team were quick to link the murders together but who was committing the killings took them a bit of work. I liked how Lindsay formed this elite group and how these women relied upon one another. They each had their own area of expertise and they encourage each other and brought something to the table. I liked all the novel’s twists and turns, just when I thought things were working themselves out, something else was set on the table and we were off again. I am sorry that I put this series off, my daughter had read them all and gave them to me a while back and I forgot about them. I can see why she got hooked on them and read them all. As for me, it is onto book #2.