Goodbye Days

Goodbye Days - Jeff Zentner

This was an emotional read, I felt the guilt that Carver carried with him and had it been me, heck yeah, I would have felt like Carter, I was guilty! As the novel slowly unraveled, I started to see other pieces start to show themselves and I saw another side of this story and I started to wonder, was Carter really guilty? Slamming into a truck, traveling over 70 mph, Mars tried to respond to Carver’s text but he never finished it. Mars and two best buddies were killed, was Carver responsible for their deaths? It’s clear the Carver knew that Mars would be the fastest one to respond to his text and it’s clear that Carver knew that Mars would be the one driving the car but did he know his three best friends would be dead because of that text?


There are days that Carver can hardly keep his head on his shoulders, he is emotionally drained as he tries to continue living his own life while the ramifications of what that text had on the world around him is clearly visible. His three best friends are no longer with him, school is no longer the same, his life has been changed dramatically, these boy’s parent’s lives have been changed extremely and Carver wonders how he can ever move on. There are individuals in his life that push him forward, pull him under, confuse the hell out of him, and fill his head with notions. They are coming from all over. Carter has flashbacks, his own set of memoirs with his friends that show me that this band of brothers were close, they were thick and these memories are what Carver needs to help him move forward. I laughed, I wanted to punch a few individuals, and I was proud of a few people who shined. This was a wonderful novel and I was so excited to read it.
I received a free copy of this novel from Read It Forward and Random House Kids as part of the Silent Book Club Sweepstakes - thank you. This review is my opinion.