I just returned from vacation. I couldn't ask for a better trip except I guess I should have not eaten the Mexican chili but Mexico was warm, the food and drink were great and I read in the chaise lounge chairs every day. I finished 10 books, my husband actually read 4 which is amazing since he usually reads 3 a year. Hubby just wanted a relaxing vacation this year and this definitely was it. We went shopping one day and we saw these  huge pod things in a few of the trees. Yep, I was thinking spiders since I just finished Skitter and then I had a flashback and though human pods. These things would hold a 6- yr old. Found out later they held flying ants. I got the whole story and boy, it was interesting. I did take some books to trade at the book exchange at the resort but I only found one that interested me, Bleachers by John Grisham. Lots of the novels available were in a foreign language which I didn't know but the covers were intriguing.  Lots of people watching for me this last week and we made it home for 6 inches of snow this morning- oh joy!