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How Will I Know You?

How Will I Know You?: A Novel - Jessica Treadway

This was one of those novels that I could put down and walk away from but the story stayed with me until I picked it back up again. There were no cliffhangers, no urgent need to go to the next chapter yet I was draw to found out what really happened to Joy the day at the pond and who was responsible for her murder. The minute someone played the race card and arrested Martin, I had this doubt in my mind that he was the one responsible. I couldn’t find any reason why this man would want to harm Joy and how were they connected? Then all the stories began surfacing, the Now stories and the Before stories, different individuals telling me their versions of their story now and in past. It was my turn to begin piecing it all together, in my own time and in my own way.

When Joy goes missing, her small community comes together to search for her. When her body is found, the community comes together to search for the killer. When the police make an arrest, the stories that spread throughout the community are divided. Did the police arrest the correct individual? What secrets are hiding behind the doors in this small town? As the author uncovers the truth behind Joy’s murder, we read this account in chapters from many different individuals in this town and we view the events that are now occurring and some that had occurred in the past. When the truth is finally spoken, I was surprised at the finding. I found this novel interesting, lots of individuals with their own stories, their own drama and secrets. I enjoyed it. I'm between a 3.5 and 4 stars. I liked the novel but the ending, I am not so sure of.
I won a copy of this novel from Chic Lit Plus. This review is my own opinion.