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Skitter: A Novel (The Hatching Series Book 2) - Ezekiel Boone

They’re back and I have been waiting too long to read this sequel! The spider’s infestation has infected the whole world including the U.S. Every country is coming up with their own plan of attack to rid themselves of this deadly crisis. These black-legged creatures are making their way into barns, homes, garages, anyplace which is dark enough for them to lay their egg sacs. It’s staggering the amount of egg sacs these arachnids are producing and it’s staggering the number of arachnids these egg sacs will produce. Their destruction has everyone on edge.


This was a great novel that carried over many of the features from the first novel. I liked that they had many of the same characters. I also enjoyed that it showed many of the main characters relying on others to assist them in their work. The main characters were not handing out commands, it was a team effort, people went to the main character for guidance and support and the main character welcomed input from others. I enjoyed the thoughts and the sights from the other parts of the globe and the community. The stories of their initial reaction to what was occurring, how they tried to prepare for what they thought might occur and their thoughts for their future, all of these changed depending on where that person was located and who that individual was. It was interesting following these stories throughout the novel. I didn’t think this novel was as intense or as creepy as the first novel, it was more of a deeper look into the behavior of the spiders and analyzing it. I am not ready to wait for another sequel though. Seriously, another cliffhanger?


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Atria Books in exchange for an honest review.