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The Great American Whatever- audio

The Great American Whatever - Tim Federle

I think what ruined this novel for me was listening to the audio of it. It was read by the author and I thought the author was too old to play the part and his voice just wasn’t cut out for it as I thought all the characters sounded the same and I thought his voice had an even tone to me. The more I listened to it, perhaps it should have been read by more than one person because in parts where there was more than one person speaking it was: Quinn: this, Geoff: that, Quinn: this and so forth. There were no dialogue words like said, replied or remarked, it like a ball was being tossed around, very disjointed and flighty. I kept losing interest in this novel as everything sounded the same.


It was Quinn’s friend Geoff that kept pulling me back, he was the character who I enjoyed the most. Geoff, the guy who tried to pull Quinn out of his rut. Geoff was the fun one, the one who was there for Quinn, and the one who encouraged him. Quinn was deep in sorrow and he had a right to be as there had been a lot of turmoil in his family but it was time to move on. At a party, he meets a guy, and they hit it off. I would like to think that things would turn around for Quinn but Quinn is hiding things from himself and others. It’s like there were two sides to Quinn and I wasn’t sure what side I liked best. Quinn was fun when he wanted to be yet there was this serious side of him, this side that was sensitive and warm. I wished that I hadn’t listened to this novel, I wish that I would have read it instead, for I feel that my feeling towards this novel would have been different.