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Scar Island

Scar Island - Dan Gemeinhart

Another knock-out novel by Dan Gemeinhart. I couldn’t put this novel down and I think anyone who reads it, will do the same thing. It’s a reformatory school located on a remote island, for boys only. There’s an Admiral, who is not soft but feels that discipline will turn his charges around, all in due time. He likes to eat his wrapped chocolates and deal out punishment using a structure the charges hate. The stone structure is cold, massive and old. There is a Hatch, the narrow staircase leads down below but no one cares to see what the noises down there contain. As Jonathan arrives on the island, it isn’t long before Jonathan feels the oppression within the walls. The adults are rulers and the boys are slaves, the adults are having fun at the boy’s expense. The boys feel powerless. At the height of their enjoyment, it occurs. The power is taken from the adults. It’s tragic, it’s sad but the boys see it as an opportunity and they seize it. The boys are now in control, they have the power of the island. Sixteen troubled boys left on their own. What will they do?


I loved Dan’s writing, his words and the flow of the story were effortless. I became one with the story and I couldn’t wait to read what was going to occur next. Each of the characters in the story had their own personality and added their own element to the novel. Even the secondary characters were fascinating being and l loved how Dan gave them interesting characteristics. I immediately thought of Lord of the Flies as I read, these boys were in charge of the island that they now occupied. I love the reference of the novels that were included in this book, that this time was special and I enjoyed how they gathered together, relaxed and relished the words on those pages. This was an excellent novel and one I highly recommend.