The You I've Never Known

The You I've Never Known - Ellen Hopkins

What a fantastic novel. I loved the edgy characters with their complex circumstances. Two stories were told simultaneously inside this novel and as I read, I anxiously awaited to see when they would join up together and become one. It baffled me as these two stories were written in two different time periods and my mind was racing to figure out the connection and piece this puzzle together. What great story telling by Ellen Hopkin, as she had me wrapped around her finger as I read this novel. Written in prose and verse, I found myself taking advantage of this writing style many times as my emotions played with the words that were written across the page. Hopes, dreams, lies, love and deception can hurt and they can also heal and I felt the power of these emotions as I read this novel. It was a large book, over 550 pages but it went fast. I have read one other Ellen Hopkins novel and I loved it and there are many others on my TBR list. I think it’s time to do a major Ellen Hopkins readathon, I think I might be emotionally ready.