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The Roanoke Girls: a Novel

The Roanoke Girls: A Novel - Amy Engel

Yes, yes, yes! I relished inside this novel. I knew the secret, I knew it but I wanted so desperately for them to tell me the secret, to whisper the words to me, so it would verify the truth that I harbored inside. I dreaded hearing it but I hoped hearing the words would change things. It was the secret that Allegra would not reveal, at least she said not yet. Allegra, the granddaughter of Yates and Lillian Roanoke. These grandparents were raising Allegra and would soon be raising Lane. Sixteen- year old Lane was excited that she was going to Roanoke, she was excited that they wanted her, as they were the only family she had now. Their grandfather had an outpouring of love, their grandmother a woman who stayed behind the scenes. Allegra enjoys being one of the Roanoke Girls, the secret lies within her and she had grown up living with the secret. Even after everything that Lane has lived through and now being a Roanoke Girl, this secret is too much for her. She tries to get Allegra to leave with her but Allegra will not leave Roanoke.


Over ten years have passed and grandfather calls Lane and informs her that Allegra has disappeared. He asks her to return to Roanoke. Returning to Roanoke, Lane finds that it is like walking into her past with only minimum changes. The secret still haunts Lane as she tries to locate Allegra. The police are searching also but there are no solid leads.


It’s a disturbing, troubling novel, one that stirred me until the bitter end. I became passionate about the two young characters, furious and intense, I hoped that they would find each other, that Allegra had run off, that she would soon reappear. Remarkable writing, I could not put this novel down, the story driving deeper and deeper until the final pages. Definitely one, I would recommend.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review.