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Thirteen Reasons Why - Deluxe Tenth Anniversary Edition

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

This is a reread for me. I have read the original novel many years ago, and I still remember the emotions that ran through me as I followed Clay as he listened to the tapes that changed his life forever. This is a heavy topic and I loved the way that Jay Asher handled it, it’s not easy to talk about suicide and when I tell other individuals that I enjoyed this novel, I get some strange remarks and facial expressions. It’s the emotions that the characters felt inside the novel, the honesty that Hannah reveals on the tapes that she recorded and the individuals who have touched her life that moved me. These individuals finally realized they played a bigger role than they thought and that realization and the fact that everyone affects everyone and that everything affects everything, it’s these things that sometimes people don’t even think about. I don’t normally get excited when I see an anniversary of a novel coming out but when I saw that this novel has additional features included, I knew that I had to read it. To read the deleted scenes, the original ending and read what the author Jay Asher had to say about his novel was why I read this anniversary issue.


The intro was written by Jay Asher and he talks about the ten years since he wrote the novel. This novel has touched many individuals, it has reached out and made suicide an issue, not a closed-door topic. Jay has made numerous appearances talking about his novel which has promoted it but more importantly, it has opened up the communication between peers and others. I loved what Jay said about the work of fiction novels. Using the work of fiction, some individuals can talk more honesty about themselves. As we look at a character’s reactions to their environment and what is happening to them in it and we express our own opinion of it, we are actually showing others a portion of ourselves. By discussing fiction, we are exposing ourselves to others. It is this emotional feeling, this tie that I feel also works with other books and not just fiction. Jay also mentions in his intro that he never thought this novel would such a success. He knows that he is fortunate to have such a great following of readers who have affected him greatly, inspired him and have directed him. The original Thirteen Reasons Why is printed next in this novel and I read it. Thirteen tapes, all created by Hannah when she had decided that life had become too much for her. There are some individuals who Hannah feels had a part in her suicide and she has decided to name them on these tapes. These individuals will each have a chance to listen to the tapes, a chance to hear why Hannah thought you failed her. It is now Clay’s turn to hear the tapes. Clay, he feels he doesn’t deserve to hear them. As he inserts each tape, the sound of Hannah’s voice playing from the speaker, Clay nerves ball up. Why me? What did I do?

The deleted scenes and original ending are at the end of the novel and as I read them, I was glad Jay choose what he did ten years ago. The original novel had a great impact on readers, it brought about change and made people think.