Freeks - Amanda Hocking

A traveling circus, the sideshows with performers, magic and romance, what more could I ask for in a novel? The possibilities were endless and the cover for me, sealed the deal. I imagined the thrill of arriving in a new town, setting up shop and entertaining the townsfolk that arrived each day and then moving on, just when the thrill of the lights and the music started to die down. They were a tight-knit family, these different household coming together, caring for one another, joined together to make a living in this chaotic lifestyle. Every one of them was unique, most of them gathered because of an unusual characteristic that they possessed. At this stage, they had exhausted their funds and needed cash to survive so they were headed to Caudry, where they were promised money but no money was worth what awaited them.


The flow of this novel was fantastic, I breezed through it and I enjoyed Amanda Hocking’s writing style tremendously. I was concerned about the romance aspect of this novel but after reading it, I believe that the romance was warranted. I was worried that it would take centerstage and overpower the carnival aspect of the novel but it didn’t, I felt it added to it. It was a slow and spirited romance, it went along nicely with the novel. I liked how the characters handled themselves around each other. Being around each other continuously, there was a mutual respect and love for one another yet there were times when tension was in the air and some individuals were not acting their best, it is to be expected. They were family, in their own way. The town of Caudry was not just an ordinary town and as Gideon’s Traveling Sideshow soon starts to figure this out, the performers each have their own way of handling this. I would have liked to know more about each of the performers and it would have been nice to have them had more interaction with the main character. It wasn’t as intense of a read as I anticipated, gentle in nature, I think it lies between a middle school read and a YA read.