Love the Tiger

Love Volume 1: The Tiger - Frederic Brremaud, Federico Bertolucci

Tiger awakes and he is hungry. He finds his prey and quickly he must attack before it escapes! He is not successful but tiger must keep alert for he is now under attack by the hungry eyes of the snapping jaws of the predator of the swamp. It’s a vicious fight, the panels of this novel show that the battle is a tight one. Their eyes, their rapid movements, everything about these illustrations tell me that the jungle is on hold for the outcome of this battle. Strolling away, tiger tends to his wound and the other beast escapes under the water. It’s nature, to hunt or to be hunted, and this novel shows the life in the wilderness, the battle to win or to crumble to someone else’ needs. As I watch the panels before me, the pages flipping, it is tiger who takes center stage for he is becoming impatient in his need to survive. Each missed opportunity becomes someone else’s prospect. I’m glad that I didn’t cheat and look ahead at the end of this novel for the climax, for I was surprised how it ended and the illustration that accompanied it, was perfect.


I picked this book up at the library which was in the children’s graphic novel section. There were only a few words before and after the illustrations but otherwise no words on the pages. The novel was easy to follow, I really enjoyed the illustrations and I feel that it has a great story to tell.