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A Monster Calls - Special Collector's Edition

A Monster Calls: Special Collectors' Edition (Movie Tie-in): Inspired by an idea from Siobhan Dowd - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay

This was amazing! I loved monster and I loved Conor for not showing his fear of monster. Conor has enough fear in his life without monster adding to it. With his mother sick and his father in America, Conor believes that everything will be okay. His mother had assured Conor that everything will be fine but the activity that is occurring in their household, shows otherwise.


I read each word carefully, scrutinizing each illustration as I didn’t want to miss a word as Conor dealt with the monster that had called out to him. Why now, why did this monster come calling to Conor as he had enough issues plaguing his mind? And what was the purpose of all this, why was this tall enormous beast preying on a small defenseless boy? I felt that every single detail was important in this novel, as it all meant something in the long run. The time, the stories, the individuals in his lives and each conversation, all important. What a gem of a story. I would love to hear this on audio.


I received this Special Collector’s Edition of A Monster Calls from Candlewick Press and this baby is fantastic. I first have to tell you that this book is heavy, Amazon says it weighs 2.7 lbs. There are three sections to this book. The first section is the book itself, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, the second section is The Story of the Book and the third section is The Making of the Film. There are 342 pages in this book, all on glossy, thick paper. The highlights: the book A Monster Calls was the first major highlight for me as I loved it! I have nothing to compare it too but I loved everything about it including the illustrations that accompanied the text. Sometimes the illustrations were on a two-page spread or sometimes they were intermingled with the text on the page. I felt there were a sufficient amount of the them and they were an important part of the novel. I liked the size font in this novel too. In The Story of the Book, this section has colored illustrations and it was very interesting to read. It is exactly what it says it is, about the making of this novel. The author, publisher, and illustrator talk about the book and there is a also an interview about the making of it. I enjoyed looking at the illustrations in this section as there were illustrations that were not included in the novel. The last section, I haven’t seen the movie yet so I skimmed over this section as I am afraid it might ruin the movie for me. This section has loads of movie clips, some drawings, and interviews. There is a section called Raising the Monster and this was very cool and interesting. I highly recommend this book, this is more than just a terrific novel of A Monster Calls, it is world inside this tale. I can’t wait to see the movie now.