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The Girl On the Train

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

I listened to this novel on CD and almost gave up on it after the first CD. I kept asking individuals that I knew if they had read it and I was getting mixed reviews about it. All I knew about this novel as I was inquiring about it, was that Rachel didn’t sleep a lot but she loved her alcohol. She rode the train, analyzing the people who were a part of this mass transit system. These individuals didn’t have to ride it, they just needed to be around it, to be a part of it. Rachel was a loner. I thought the poor girl needed an intervention, her life was a mess, she needed someone to reach out to her. She needed someone to tell her that they cared about her, she needed someone she could rely and do something with besides just hanging out amongst the trains. I wondered how long Rachel had been this way and as she talked about her past, I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol speaking or Rachel’s real memories that were coming back to her. Then to find out that Rachel was a liar, she had picked up this skill from being around one of the best liars around. What am I supposed to believe now? When the other character’s lives begin to emerge into Rachel’s life, I didn’t want to stop the CD’s as I played them everywhere I went. The story had now become mysterious and disturbing, how were all these characters connected to one another and why is this story taking forever to finish?


Perhaps if Rachel could just stay sober for a bit, she might get the stories straight and unwind this mystery for me but then a clear head is something that Rachel hasn’t deal with lately so perhaps this might not be a good idea. As Megan and Anna were introduced, I adored each of these women for they were strong and determined characters. Rachel, I thought of her, as this weak bird, fumbling around trying to stand up and get her bearing and as issues begin to surface in the story, she grabs onto them and tries to resolve them, still scuffling around but now drawing others into her battle. Rachel is ringing the bell. The men in these women’s lives angered me. I felt a push from each of them, a push for power. As I heard their voices on the audio, I was ready for them, my defenses were up and trust was becoming an issue as I listened to them. I loved the difference voices on this audio, the power and the emotion behind each voice, gave each character individualism and weight. I’m glad that I didn’t give up on this audio, I wonder how I would have felt had I read it on my own as I loved the voices that accompanied this audio yet I wondered if I would have disliked the beginning. 3.5 stars