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Everything Belongs To Us

Everything Belongs to Us - Yoojin Grace Wuertz

Of course, everything belongs to us and we should all have it but to obtain it, it is not such an easy task. For the three main characters in this novel find that going against the norm is uplifting but it a battle nonetheless.


I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to find inside this novel but once I started reading it, I found individuals who were willing to fight for what they thought was fair and just. Jisun had the world in her hands but that was not her dream, it was her father’s. She was a determined and bright individual, using these talents to get exactly what she wanted; to be accepted and to follow her dream. Namin, I felt for her, as I thought she felt conflicted. She was her families escape out of the poverty that they lived in yet I didn’t think she felt that she actually had a life. Namin studied continuously, day in and day out while her family worked to keep her in school and keep themselves out of the street. It felt like too much pressure to put on Namin and when the author introduced her sister, her feeling pertaining to the situation at home just added more weight to how I felt about the situation. Namin and Jisun had met each other when they were little and now as they begin their journey at the University, new opportunities awaited them. The girls soon meet Sunam, a young man who is part of The Circle, an elite social circle. I liked that he helped the girls branch out and that he encouraged each of them. There was a part in this novel that had me speechless. I can’t exactly tell you what happened but I was laughing so hard, I just couldn’t believe that Suman had actually opened his mouth and spoken those words out loud. This guy…….he really is something.


It’s the 1970’s and you can feel the tension, the freedom, and the movement, that’s in the air. The girls, they start to have relationships yet the time for commitment is not now, the family images have to be maintained, grades have to secured and family issues have to be dealt with. These are young people and they feel that their lives matter, they want their voice to be heard even if it has be underground.

I received a copy of his novel from NetGalley and Random House in exchange for an honest review.