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And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer...grab me some tissues.

And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer: A Novella - Fredrik Backman

Wow, I didn’t expect such an emotional punch from this small novel. I expected a great read of course since it is one of Fredrik Backman novels but seriously, I was bawling when I finally finished it. It’s a tiny book but yet so deeply charged.


The love between a grandfather and his grandson, the time missed between a father and his son. I kept thinking about the words to the song, Cats in The Cradle as I composed myself numerous times as I read, pacing myself throughout this novel. It happens, unfortunately it’s happens to a lot of individuals as they begin to raise their children. We must make sacrifices for our children, time is one of them. Time goes quickly and we forget to slow down and enjoy it, to breathe and look around at the ones around us until it is too late and then they’re gone. It’s grandchildren who get rewarded in the future. Noah gets rewarded with time spent with his grandfather. They take walks or boat rides sometimes only finding their way home with a compass and a map. His grandfather is ill, his illness is taking his memories but Noah is there to help him.

I loved the honesty that grandfather reveals about his relationship with his own son when grandfather was a young man. Grandfather loves his grandson dearly and you can tell that by the way he speaks with him and how he handles him like a gentle glove. He spends a great amount of time with his grandson, more time than he did with his own son as he grew up. He admits there is a difference with the two boys and it is this difference that spoke to me. His rational was not what I expected. As grandfather reminiscences about his relationship with his wife, you could feel the love and the fun that they had together. I would have loved to read a novel based on their relationship alone, what a moving novel that would have been. I loved everything about this novel. Be warned though, you will need tissues.