Raymie Nightingale

Raymie Nightingale - Kate DiCamillo

I couldn’t wait to take a drive as I listened to this audio in my car and sometimes, I just sat in my car when I got to my destination as I didn’t want to wait until “next time” to finish hearing the adventures of Raymie Clark. I was mesmerized by the voice of Jenna Lamia as she read to me, her voice pronouncing the names of Raymie Clark, Louisiane Elefante and Beverly Tapinski, over and over again. Jenna’s voice spoke from the heart about these children whose lives were tangled up in knowing exactly what they thought they wanted. There were serious moments and times where I laughed as they struggled to be heard and as they found exactly what they needed where they least expected it. It was a wonderful adventure, a novel that should not be overlooked.


It all began with a contest, the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition which Raymie Clark and Louisiane Elefante were going to enter. Both girls had different intentions why they wanted to win. Raymie Clark wanted her picture in the paper for she thought if her father saw her picture in the paper for winning the contest, he surely would return home. Louisiane Elefante entered because her grandmother and her needed the prize money. Beverly Tapinski was going to sabotage the contest, and she was proud of it. These girls should have been in competition with one another, there should have been some rivalry between them but amazingly these girls create a friendship instead. I really enjoyed watching this friendship take shape. As they got to know each other, they got to see what different lives they each lead, the girls started to bond and they started to see what really mattered to them. It was fun watching this, watching them mature and being a part of their many adventures. I really enjoyed listening to this audio. I highly recommend this novel.