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Emma and the Silk Thieves

Emma and the Silk Thieves (Tales of Widowswood) - Matthew S Cox

When Emma makes a promise, she takes that responsibly seriously. If you read the previous book in this series you know that Emma is a druid, but if you haven’t read the first novel, this novel will fill you in with the details but I do suggest you read the first novel, as I really enjoyed it. Emma, a young child, has a few powers that she can call upon when she needs them. Thank heavens for these powers, for they get her out of some tricky situations and they help her considerably. Emma has made a promise to enter Widowswood forest to collect silk from Spider Queen to bring to the Marsten. After her last escape from the forest, you would think the forest would be the last place that Emma would want to venture into but Emma has made a promise, so Emma will fulfill her word for as long as need be. It’s a tricky situation and the woodland is just as dark as she remembers. The Spider Queen tells Emma of a problem that the spiders are having and Emma assures her that Emma will help her elevate this issue as the consequences for the problem continuing are not positive for anyone. If only the solution was easy.


This is a great fantasy story to wrap yourself in. The author provides excellent details that allow you to fully understand the happenings of the events that are taking place. I had to laugh as Emma tries to make things easier but finds that what she is doing is just the opposite. The second half of the novel is one that you just can’t put down. Written for middle school or older grade school children, I think they will enjoy it.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for an honest review.