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Fantastic illustrations! Love donuts? So does Sam

Who Needs Donuts? - Mark Alan Stamaty

Poor Sam.  He had it all: a nice home, friends and family but he wanted more, lots more, he actual wants millions of donuts.  What does Sam do?  He hops on his tricycle and goes to the city to find them.   You have to love the illustrations in the book.  The attention to detail in the illustrations will keep you busy for hours checking out the people and the scenery that you just might forget to actually read the story.  Illustrated in black-in-white, your eyes are constantly marveling at everything in each picture, for there is something odd or amusing everywhere you look (I think I spotted Abe Lincoln walking a dog, a horse in a car with a suit on, a bird with a horse face).  As Sam gets to the city, he meets Mr. Bikferd who actually collects donuts.  Sam and Mr. Bikferd spend all day collecting donuts and later Sam’s new friend shows him his warehouse where Sam thinks he has hit the jackpot.  Many days they collect donuts, lots of donuts.   The adventure in the city is not over for Sam as he also meets Sad Old Woman and Pretzel Annie.  When Mr.  Bikferd meets Pretzel Annie love is in the air and Sam’s life is about to change again.  Is a life with donuts the life Sam needs?  I enjoyed Sad Old Woman with her 1960’s ensemble.