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Close Enough To Touch: a Novel

Close Enough to Touch: A Novel - Colleen Oakley

Definitely pick up this novel to read this year as it is one that should not be overlooked. Colleen Oakley’s writing was spectacular as I was completely immersed into the character of Jubilee and her “condition.” Avoiding contact with other humans, Jubilee remained housebound for years, one close encounter with death was all that she needed to realize that isolation was the best option that she had. Jubilee did not waste this time while she was alone, she saw options and took advantage of them. Jubilee was a bright, young woman with a “condition.”


Her life changes when her mother passes away and Jubilee realizes that she cannot hide in the house any longer. This woman, who was resourceful, will now have to venture outside the threshold of her doorway. I walked the walk with Jubilee as she saw the vast blue sky up above her, as she saw the crowds of people and mapped her way around them and how she tried to hide amongst the many who she thought were staring at her yet she could not get close to them. Her world which was once limited to the walls inside her mother’s house has now increased and the people, the opportunities and the obstacles are limitless. I laughed as she made her way into her new surroundings, I cried (actually, I bawled a few times) as I was so overcome with emotions and I cheered for her as she finally became the person she was hiding in the house. This was definitely one of my hair-dryer novels, one that I just couldn’t put down and one, that I hope you will enjoy also.


“I am going to suffocate you.” (I don’t like to quote ARC’s but this line……marvelous, simply marvelous!)


I received a copy of this novel from Gallery Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.