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You Will Know Me

You Will Know Me - Megan Abbott

This was one of those novels where I thought I knew what had actually happened before the end of the novel but the details weren’t clear-cut. I was missing the actually story, how it all went down and no one was willing to tell the truth, their lips were sealed for now yet somehow before it was all over, someone needed to get them to talk.


I liked the way the author strung me along, making me a part of this group, for that was what they were, these girls and their families who belonged to Coach T as he tried to make them into gymnastic stars. They were all one big family and as I read, all their dreams drifted towards Devon who was the shining star, the girl who had the most potential, the girl who could take it all the way. I think anyone who has ever played a sport knows of such an individual, the person on the team who gets the most attention, who seems to shine no matter what they do and in this novel, it was Devon. Having such an individual on the team does not always settle well with others, for jealousy, anger and sometimes violence can creep into the picture and it certainly creeps into this novel.


Devon, herself was a machine. She thought and breathed gymnastics. I felt for her, because her mentality was if she was not successful as an athletic she was nothing. I was drawn to her brother Drew, I felt as if he sensed something yet he didn’t know what it was. As he spoke in the novel, sometimes his words were not coherent and didn’t make sense but to me, I listened intensely to every word that he spoke for I felt he knew something and his words just needed to be deciphered. I enjoyed being a part of this novel, I remember being an athlete and feeling the emotions that Devon’s teammates felt, I also could relate to being one of the parents, I felt that the author did an outstanding job and highly recommend this novel.