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Gilded Cage

Gilded Cage - Vic James

It took me a bit to get into this novel but once I did, I really enjoyed it. I was getting lost in all the different names that kept being thrown at me and I had a hard time moving between the two different stories as they shifted between the characters but eventually the novel started to take shape and the characters and their lives started to mean a great deal to me.


Abi had put her families best interest in mind when she signed them up to go to Kyneston. She thought it was time for them to begin this service. They wouldn’t have to go to Millmoor to do their ten years of slave days but rather, they would work in Kyneston where they could serve as house slaves for ten years. It was a perfect plan until the day when they were to leave and Luke is not allowed to accompany his family to Kyneston. Guards transport him to Millmoor where Luke will begin his slave days without his family. Luke is not content with his current situation and instantly, I begin to see a transformation in Luke, as he adjusts to the hard world that is now his home. The rest of the family is ushered into Kyneston where they work as house slaves. Abi’s mind is set on reuniting her family, she is determined to put her family back together. I found the concept of the slave days interesting. It’s a unique concept but the reasoning behind it seemed to be unbalanced and distorted yet these citizens have been practicing it for years. I found this novel to be a great fantasy adventure and I look forward to the second novel in this series.


I received a copy of this novel from Random House Publishing Group- Ballantine and NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.