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The Wonder

The Wonder - Emma Donoghue

I think I picked this novel up because I wanted to see why it was so popular. I was anticipating an exciting novel and as I read, I really didn’t understand the hype. A child, an eleven- year old girl was entertaining the world with the notion that she was surviving on a mere few drops of water each day. This child was thought to be a Wonder. My thoughts went back to people claiming that they were virgins, never to have sex yet they were pregnant, people who have the image of Christ on their pieces of toast yet they did nothing to create it, all Wonders! I was hoping that the author would throw me a line, that she would reveal something to me before the characters realized the truth behind why Anna was surviving on a few drops of water each day. I wanted to know beforehand and then watch the characters as they discovered the truth because I knew that they were somehow missing something, that they were blind to the facts that had to be staring them right in the face.


I thought it slow going as the story unraveled, I wanted instant results just like nurse Lib and Sister Michael who was assigned to Anna. I wanted to know the reason behind this phenomenon. The days passed slowly, I was only reading about them but to experience them had to be a nightmare. As Anna’s health starts to deteriorate, it starts to become a nightmare. How will this all going to end? Who will actually be the winner and what does the winner actually win? For being such a popular novel, I was surprised at the content and the pace of this novel. Did I like it? I was glad that I read it, it was interesting and the story intrigued me and I don’t know if it could have been shorter as you needed that anticipation and mystery to the story but it’s not a favorite of mine.