Sorry Chelsea Handler, I just couldn't do it

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me - Chelsea Handler, Johnny Kansas, Stephanie Stehling, Heather McDonald, Roy Handler, Brad Wollack, Amber Mazzola, Josh Wolf, Shoshanna Handler, Eva Magdalenski, Amy Meyer, Glen Handler, Dave Mallow, Sarah Colonna I could not finish this audio. I listened to over 2 hours of it and I had enough. I was hoping for something funny to listen to as I walked my cat outside but what I really found was someone who liked to pick on other people constantly. Sometimes I wondered if the only reason they put up with it was because of who Chelsea was or because she was related to them but really seriously enough is enough. Then I got thinking, how old are we? I can understand a prank now and then but after listening to these individuals talk about Chelsea, she is a constant prankster and the sky is the limit. For me, this book was just too much. Moving on….