At The Edge of the Universe

At the Edge of the Universe - Shaun David Hutchinson

This was a different story. I really enjoyed We Are The Ants and when I got the opportunity to get a free copy of this novel from, I jumped at the chance. What I couldn’t wrap my head around was what was happening in the novel. Ozzie believes the universe is shrinking and the events that are occurring in the novel are strange, so what exactly is happening? I felt for Ozzie, I wanted to believe everything he saw and said but it just didn’t add up. I was confused and he was going through therapists faster than water. It all started when his boyfriend Tommy disappeared and Ozzie is the only one who knew of his existence. Ozzie’s world gets stranger day by day and I started to wonder if Ozzie was crazy or if his theories were correct. Each day, his world gets smaller and why is it that only Ozzie notices this? I needed to understand what is happening!

I found the relationships in this novel, significant and refreshing. As these vital, diverse individuals moved throughout the novel, they created underlying stories which added to the drama of Ozzie’s shrinking universe. I began to wonder if Ozzie would ever find a therapist that he could talk to and what would happen if he did. What exactly was the intention of a therapist for him?

I was glad that I chose to read this novel. I was hoping for something more as I loved We Are The Ants and my expectations were set high for this novel. The writing was great, the diversity of the characters was great and I did enjoy the underlying stories but the execution of the main story fell short for me. I’ll still have my eye out for Shaun and his next novel.
I received a copy of this novel from This review is my own opinion.