Making Faces

Making Faces - Amy Harmon

Where do I even begin? Amy Harmon does it again with Making Faces, a novel that pulled me in many directions as it dealt with diversity, romance, friendship, family, war and life. Every time I read one of her novels, I feel that I have just read my favorite Harmon story so as of right now, I have read four novels of Amy’s and I have four favorites of Amy’s. Amy stories come at me, she holds nothing back as her characters share their lives with me, their drama keeps me up at night as I become one with their world. I highly recommend you read one of Amy’s novels, Making Faces is a fantastic one to start with because as of right now, it is my favorite. Fern, Rita and Bailey have been friends for years. I truly enjoyed and adored these relationships, they were great diverse and unique individuals who were dealing with major decisions and life. Bailey lives in the moment believing that his days are numbered because of the disease which has taken over his body causing him to rely on a wheelchair for transportation. Fern, is a close friend of Bailey’s who is also a closet writer. She hopes that someday her romance stories will be published but in the meantime, she’ll read other author’s novels and dream. I was touched reading their stories and when Rita was introduced, she fit right in with them. Wanting to seduce the sexy Ambrose with written text, Rita turns to her good friend Fern who is talented with words. Fern’s written words just might be what attracts Ambrose to Rita if all goes well and things don’t get too complicated. It’s their senior year, college is just around the corner for some and for others…what is their option? Of course, it’s going to get complicated.