Happy New Year!

I spent the morning volunteering at the library. They have a Happy Noon Year celebration and every year it grows. With crafts and games for the kids that run for a couple hours and then a count down and balloon drop at noon.  I ran the paper airplane toss this year where the kiddos had to fly an airplane through a hola hoop that was taped up on a table.  It was a lot harder than the kids thought.


i hope everyone has a safe celebration this evening. We're watching movies that I checked out at the library and The Twilight Zone marathon that's on television. My husband burnt our pizza for supper so we had popcorn and crescent rolls (it was comical).  I kept asking him if he was taking me out for dinner since I kept seeing all the pizza commercials they were advertising on television or Chic Filet chicken since he kept flipping over to the Chic Filet football game. But nope, crescent rolls and popcorn!


i hope 2017 brings wonderful adventures and new authors your way. Thanks for being my friend and I look forward to sharing 2017 with you.