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The Stranger Game

The Stranger Game - Cylin Busby

Holy buckets! This story took me by surprise. The family has been dealing with the loss of Sarah for four years. Was she kidnapped or did she runaway? Four years and they haven’t had a good solid lead until now. In a shelter, they were reunited with Sarah. Mom and dad are overjoyed but Nico, her sister, senses something is just not right. So now, yes, I am apprehensive that things are going be weird in this novel. Of course, after four years Sarah has changed physically and mentally and the family is told there has been some abuse to Sarah during her time away. The family tries to reconnect again, it’s complicated with therapy, police, Sarah’s amnesia and the privacy that the family wants to maintain. You can imagine what the parents feels having their daughter returned home to them. It’s Nico’s apprehension towards her sister that has captured my attention, the way that she notices that her sister has changed drastically while she was away that leaves me on the fence. So many things run through my mind as Nico’s comments about her sister’s behavior and I try to rationalize them all, seriously she missing for four years and who knows what has happened during that time. The night terrors that are plaguing Sarah while she sleeps have to mean something. What about the amnesia that Sarah has? When will she remember and what will that do Sarah and her family? They are trying to be a normal family and I was just waiting for the balls to drop. Never in my wildest dreams was I expecting what the author tossed in there. It was brilliant, truly brilliant! I had to go back and reread a couple pages for I loved the execution. I will never tell anyone the secrets for the book is closed and it is all contained inside. A wonderful, eventful story that I will definitely read again!