The Forgetting

The Forgetting - Sharon  Cameron

What an exciting journey I had inside this novel! As the days were ticking away, I wasn’t sure exactly if Nadia would be able to accomplish everything that she set out to do. The Forgetting is drawing near and the truth is still unclear.

Why, oh why Nadia, the dryer’s daughter is this happening? Why is The Forgetting occurring every 12 years? Why are individual’s minds being erased every twelve years? Why is there a wall around your community? Is it to protect you from something? The more that I read, the more questions I had but Nadia was right behind me. We were thinking alike for she was questioning the world that was around her as she moved about and the time for The Forgetting was nearly upon their community. Others around her were accepting of their destiny for that was how it had always been but Nadia was sharp and inquisitive and as she pursued the answers to her questions, she went full-heartedly. Nadia takes short trips over the wall, time where she should have been napping but its answers that she’s looking for. These answers come slowly and It isn’t until she’s forced to take Gray with her that things start to accelerate. The two of them, sometimes battling amongst themselves and other times feeding off each other provided an intense and riveting quest for answers that was amazing. It had my mind going the whole way, questions and concerns, thoughts and ideas where flooding my mind as I read.


So, would you want a fresh start every 12 years? How is this even feasible? What about your children? I loved every minute of this novel. Nadia’s adventure for the truth, became my own quest.