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And The Trees Crept In

And the Trees Crept In - Dawn Kurtagich

I was looking for more in this novel, something more horrifying and eerie than what I found. I guess I thought this novel would be creepy or scary but for me, it was neither. I was tempted to put the novel aside a few times and move on but I finished it, for there was something about the Creeper Man that captured my attention. It’s not that the whole novel was horrible, it was just that things weren’t making sense and I felt lost. I usually like short, choppy sentences which this novel incorporated within its story but in this novel, I just couldn’t understand exactly what was happening as I read.


There was a mysterious element to the novel which was entertaining and it added this ambiguous unclear picture as I read. Are these events really occurring or are these individuals going mad? Who actually knows the truth and when will this truth be revealed? The poor children in this novel, I felt for them, they were so innocent, who were they to turn to? What were they to do?


It all began when Nori and Silla arrive at their Aunt Cath house unexpectantly. Anticipating riches and glamour in their aunt’s manor, the young children discover ruin and isolation. These children do find the safety and security that they were looking for and they are grateful that their aunt welcomes them and allows them to stay. Their aunt is just what the children needed, at least it looks like that for a few weeks until things start to go differently and then the children find that the forest that they had crossed to reach their aunt’s fortress is not just trees and brush but it holds something more sinister and evil. It is the Creeper Man that awaits them just inside the Python Woods, their aunt informs them and they must never go into the woods again. Silla begins to feel the call of the Creeper Man, Aunt Cath starts to behave strangely and little Nori begins playing in area of the house without Silla, thrilled to have a new friend that Silla knows nothing about. It is the boy Gowan who arrives at the house, his fascination with being at the manor, that has me questioning his being and his motivation. I enjoyed how the house affected the characters, changing them and affecting their judgment.