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The Thing About Jellyfish

The Thing About Jellyfish - Ali Benjamin

I thought this novel was okay. I loved the fascinating facts about jellyfish as I am find them interesting and amazing. Suzy is obsessed with them after a school field trip and she begins to believe that they are the cause of her best friend’s death which happened while she was swimming. Suzy is consumed to find a reason for her death, to pinpoint why this unfortunate disaster occurred. Suzy’s world is filled with facts and information about jellyfish after this field trip and the more that she thinks about it, the more blame she casts on the jellyfish but she needs verification. There are flashbacks where we see the girl’s relationship for what is was, how they nurtured one another and then how things changed between them. I wondered about Suzy, I wondered if she just didn’t see the big picture or was she afraid of change or afraid of standing out. She confused me at times and I wondered if students felt the same way when they looked at her.


The author had a way with words; I really enjoyed reading this novel. I liked how the author used a variety of fonts in this novel. I noticed that this helped make the information stand out, it helped with the transitions in the reading and it made reading the novel smoother using this technique. There were different typeset that transitioned you into the different time periods that the story inhabited, unique lettering that Suzy used to take notes of her scientists, notebook notes and Mrs. Turton notes each had different typescript. It’s funny how you notice things like that when you’re read. It’s a novel about grief, about death and about friendship. 3.5 stars