[ FRAIDYZOO By Heder, Thyra ( Author ) Hardcover Nov-05-2013 - Thyra Heder

I thought this book was comical and cute. It makes a great read aloud as it has lots of fun text and illustrations to accompany it. I liked the bright illustrations and the variety of text font sizes and shapes that animate the story and give the story life. The family in the story is full of energy and they look to be having fun as they try to help their daughter who is afraid of going to the zoo. The family to planning a trip to the zoo but their daughter does not want to go as there is something at the zoo that scares her. Her parents along with her siblings create a great deal of animals out of cardboard, tin cans, hangers, milk jugs, just about anything they can find in the house in the shapes of animals that they might find at the zoo and they ask her if that is the animal she is afraid of. I loved the creativity of their efforts as they try to help her. So, what actually is she afraid of and does she actually make it into the zoo? It wasn’t what I thought it would be.