I Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are

I, Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are - Bridget Heos, Jennifer Plecas

I think flies are disgusting insects and after reading about in this book, I know they are but I did learn some interesting facts about them. I won’t tell you everything I learned inside this children’s book but this book did give me some positive and some negative aspects about flies. There was quite a bit of information inside and I enjoyed how the illustrator presented the information to me. It wasn’t all listed off in a list formation or loaded down with heavy words but rather it was told in narration form as a fly tried to show me what his life is like. I liked his quirky way of looking at his maggot- filled days waiting to be born, and then listening to him do the calculations as he figured out how many family members he had. Think about this: he had 500 babies at one time which then grew up in 10 days. His daughters then each had 500 babies, wow……he had a lot of grandmaggots! I know a hummingbird flaps their wings a lot but a fly flaps their wings 200 times per second, I think that’s a lot. He talks about some gross but interesting subjects, things you might have wondered about or thought you knew the answer to but he answers a few of the questions so now you know the facts. I enjoyed this book, I think kids will too if they are into the this subject or just want to know.