In The Camp - 4 stars

In the Camp - Margeaux Nall

The author is from Iowa so I had to read it, and then it was about a nuclear explosion and its aftermath. Sign me up please! Sometimes I get ahead of myself and I just start reading a novel without reading much about it and then later, I think ahhhh…something is not right here and that is what happened here. Yep, this one is a series and I hate that, dang it! As I reading, issues were not being wrapped up and I thought I hope she doesn’t try to rush things in the end. Nope, she’s going to make me wait. I thought Margeaux did great setting up the novel and getting me hooked, as I am now anxiously awaiting book two. I am not really sure about the resistance camps that are supposedly set up to fight against the Elves that had constructed working camps to help preserve nature. The elves created these elf camps as they wanted to preserve Earth. Preserving Earth is a great idea but after seeing what is occurring in these camps, I am not sure they are using the correct method to obtain their desired results. The year is 2046 and a devastating event has occurred which the elves had warned the humans about. The elves want a safe environment to live in and going to war with the humans was just one step to getting what they wanted. The resistance camps are spread out amongst the region, housing humans who are not working for the elves but what they do and how they survive is still a concept that I need to get a grasp on. I was also wondering about the individuals who just wondered around not belonging to any group, what happens to them? I followed Connor and Matt as they lived amongst one of the elf camps in South Carolina; these teen boys know what it was like before the camps were constructed as they have been living there since its opening. They are content until someone from the outside makes their way into their camp and then the boys start to wonder if things are better outside their confines. It’s science fiction, its fiction, it’s Margaeux’s first published novel and I don’t know when the sequel is coming out.