Still Life WithTornado

Still Life with Tornado - A.S. King

She nailed it! I am just in awe at this novel. A.S. King addresses the issues that open our eyes to what goes on behind closed doors. I couldn’t put this novel down once I started it yesterday and I only stopped because it was getting late and I wanted to enjoy the ending. This novel haunted me as I slept for I dreamt about the characters, their lives and their past. In my dream, I had become part of their family, mixed up inside all their confusion and I just wanted all the voices to quit. She had touched me deep, she had caught me off guard and I have a high regard for an author who can do that. King’s use of magical realism is impressive and unexpected. Each of the characters, I found room for in my heart. It was Helen’s story that was the most powerful, she touched my heart and I get chills now just thinking about her. This was truly an amazing novel, powerful, emotional and one that I won’t forget.