My life has come to this.  I now take my cat for walks as my neighbors called Animal Control on him.  Charlie was my rescue cat who was supposed to be a house cat who the vet now confirms was a farm cat.  After eating through my screen door and the reinforced chicken wire, my vet told me that I should just let him outside. Now, 2 weeks later, I get notified that no, he can't just go outside unless he is leashed up even though he is neutered and has his shots.  Charlie is not impressed. I used to call Charlie in about every hour to check to see where he was and he would come in.  We only let him outside when we were home too. He runs from cars and strangers so I don't understand why someone turned him in. Why couldn't they just come tell us they had a problem with our cat.  We just moved into this neighbor just over a year ago and truly, I wish I could turn back time about two years and had never moved from our first house. 


I's wondering if it is our next door neighbor who called it in as this summer, they took down their chain-link fence that separates our yards and put up a wooden 8-foot fence. Oh, yeah...our side was the only side that they replaced with wood.  Yes, I am bitter and I really hate living in a neighborhood like this. I'm having a hard time adjusting to this. I'm debating finding Charlie a farm or building him a cat house outside.  Winter is coming with snow and ice so my options are limited right now.  How come people have to be so difficult? We're going to keep asking our neighbors to see who actually called as we want to know what Charlie actually did to offend them and why they couldn't come and tell us personally.