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Contagious (book #2)

Contagious - Scott Sigler

They’re back and they’re more determined to set up a base in the U.S but time is running out. This series takes right off where Infected left off with Perry hearing the triangles conversing; only something is different this time. The chatter is different this time and there is one voice which is dominating the conversation. Perry doesn’t want to confront this voice and the feeling is mutual as Chelsea is told to stay away from this powerful force who is trying to track her down. This is not the only struggle as there is a fight between saving the lives of the individuals who are infected and trying to preserve the modified triangles emerging out on infected individuals, around the country.   They can’t save both. Just how is this new strain of the virus being passed and how can they stop the bodies from piling up? With a young child leading the group, they seem to be winning this assault on the U.S., as Margaret and her team run from city to city, always one step behind.


Just like Infected, Scott Sigler produced a novel that had me racing through the paging just wondering if Margaret and her team were ever going to get the upper hand on the virus which was plaguing the country.   I felt that this novel was not as gory or shocking as the first novel in the series but it was more scientific and technical in explaining what was occurring. Margaret tried to take charge of the situation yet the virus had the upper hand. I enjoyed the tension, the excitement of the novel and having the return of some the same characters from Infected.  You could read this as a standalone novel as the author provides a brief intro of book one at the beginning but to get the full effect, I suggest reading the first book in the series.