What Light

What Light - Jay Asher

I loved Thirteen Reason’s Why so when I heard that Jay Asher had a new book coming out I knew I had to read it. The story centers on Sierra, her family lives in Oregon growing Christmas trees which the family sells in California every year. Sierra loves both of these worlds, her friends in Oregon and her friends in California. Sierra knows that she is missing something when she leaves them but she knows that when she returns each year, it is like she has never left. The family packs up their camper and heads off to their familiar site in California where they will set up shop over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. The Christmas tree business has been in the family for years but each year, her parents talk about the dwindling sales and how the competition is taking their business away. This might be the last year that her family keeps their business open in California and when Sierra hears this news she vows to make this year a memorable one. Her best friend in California is excited to have her back and she soon starts planning Sierra’s memorable holiday season.   Heather wants it to include boys but Sierra knows that her trip to California entails only a few short weeks and she doesn’t want to start a relationship that she will have to end abruptly. With boys working around their Christmas tree lot, it’s hard not to add boys into this memorable holiday trip.


This is a good feel novel; the romance was sweet, fast and swoony. I realize that Sierra didn’t have much time to build her relationship and time was of the essence so things had to move rather quickly in this novel.   It was her first romance and I felt she fell hard, too fast for my standards. I liked the relationships that Sierra had with her friends, she was able to keep her long distance relationships alive with them even when she was not with them and they all felt like they knew each other. The story had a nice flow and l loved the idea behind the story. I thought her father was ridiculous, you would have thought that Sierra was ten years old the way this man was carrying on. I was excited and thrilled to read Jay’s latest novel but it’s not as good as his first one, I think.