Falling Over Sideways

Falling Over Sideways - Jordan Sonnenblick

Another Jordan Sonnenblick novel, yes! He is one of my favorite authors and I was ecstatic to get my hands on this baby.  The story begins when Claire’s dance friends all get moved up into a higher, more advanced class and Claire doesn’t. Poor, pitiful Claire! Don’t think that this story is going to turn around anytime soon and become a joyous occasion because this event sets the tone for the novel. Claire begins to develop a negative outlook on life which affects everything around her. Claire feels that life is stacking up against her. At breakfast, her father begins to act strangely and Claire being the only home with him must take charge. As the 911 Operator tries to calm her down, I could feel the frustration as Claire screams at the operator to send help, she doesn’t care about the questions they are asking of her, she just wants help and she wants it now. She feels that everyone is asking too much from her when all she needs to do is accept responsibility but I don’t believe she is willing to accept that. At the hospital, the doctors decide her father have suffered a stroke.   Her father’s future is uncertain but to Claire she has other things on her mind….. Claire. Claire’s dance, her friends and there is also her saxophone. They are all riding on emotions and these emotions are all high as she tries to balance what is happening with her family and her father. I feel that Claire is like an island, she doesn’t want to be yet she is.


I didn’t think this had the energy like other Sonnenblick novel’s had. I also found that there were some things that didn’t work for me in this book and what was with the mom? Her mom really needed to get out of her bubble and join the world.