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The Graveyard Book A Graphic Novel Volume 2

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel: Volume 2 by Neil Gaiman (2015-09-08) - Neil Gaiman;P. Craig Russell

I listened to this audio book this summer and fell completely, I mean completely in love with it! I think perhaps it is one of the best books I have read this year and so when I saw this graphic novel on my radar, I was so excited that I could think of nothing else. Unfortunately, I got volume 2 before I got volume 1 so I am bit off kilter but nevertheless this graphic novel tells the story somewhat like the audio book that I listened to his summer.


What I loved about this graphic novel was that I was able to follow it, I was able to read this printed story and it was almost like the audio version, and I loved the color that they used in this novel. Let me elaborate on the color for a minute. This graphic novel is printed on glossy paper and the illustrators used a multitude of contrasting colors on these pages which made this story come alive. This story is sensitive, dark, and gloomy and I felt that the illustrators did an excellent job casting the shadows, lightening the scenes and optimizing each individual color for the scenes that they presented. Not a huge graphic novel fan, I thought this novel had a lot of words to read but it told the story that I remember listening to. It was a fantastic story and one that I cannot forget. I liked how the ghostly characters where a lighter color than the rest of the characters and I liked how the narrative was added to story. There seemed to be more detail added to the background and the setting and I wished that more detail could have been added to the characters. What I wasn’t fond of and this is my own fault, is that my own notion of these characters from listening to the audio is now tainted. I pictured these characters to be someone different and when I saw them painted on these pages, this was not Bod, nor Jack or not even the Silas that I had imaged in my head. It was hard to think of these characters on the pages as I ones I had been solidified in my brain. I really enjoyed this graphic novel, I liked that it told the story that I enjoy so much and I like that I have something that I can look at that shows with great detail Bod’s life in the graveyard.   I will go back to my audio and the voices the wooed me down into the graveyard and I will see the real Bod and the Owens, and visualize them the way they were meant to be. I highly recommend this graphic novel and The Graveyard Book: Full Cast Production on audio if you can get your hands on it.