Bedtime for Batman

Bedtime for Batman (DC Super Heroes) - Michael Dahl, Ethen Beavers

I love how this author compared the life of this little boy and Batman. You can tell how much this boy loves this superhero.  As this young child makes his way into bed, the author compares the young boy’s bedtime routines to the life of Batman.   It is a very imaginative and a fun way to show a child that they can be a superhero also.   The young boy starts his bedtime routine by getting a signal that it’s time for bed from his father (his father points to the clock) just like Batman gets the Bat signal in the sky. The boy begins by walking up the stairs where he gets his bat cape. When Batman gets his signal, he must prepare by changing his clothes, donning his bat cape and preparing his Batmobile. The boy knows that his goldfish depend on him just like Batman knows that other people depend on him, the boy and Batman have many similarities.   As the book continues, we read about many other connections that the two superheroes have.   Situated on opposing pages, I liked that I was able to see how these connections were made and how they matched up. This was a cartoon book with bright colored pages with sharp edges in color. There were not that many words on each page which would make it a good book for many children. I think that this book is a great read for young Batman readers.